Micronutrient Spray

GroZyme is a proprietary product that is being used in growing regions across the United States improving plant growth and increasing crop yields for over 35 years.  GroZyme is produced through a series of organic processes in large covered, temperature controlled, stainless steel vessels referred to as “bioreactors”.  This process uses natural, non-genetically modified microbes, native to fertile soils to create the fermentation product.  At the end of the process, the complex is reduced to a stabilized inanimate nature, allowed to settle and then aged for up to one year. 

Closeup of fresh growth in a sunny California citrus groveAPPLICATION GroZyme can be introduced through use of drip tape, in furrow or through any normal watering systems assuring that it reaches the root structure of the plants.


  • Strawberries – Results averaging 34% increases in trays per acre over 3 separate trials over two consecutive years 2014 and 2015.  With the winter of 2017 Oxnard trials almost completed, it appears that the same results have been replicated a fourth time.    
  • Broccoli Multiple cut dates in 2014 – 2015 averaged 20% increased weight per head, 10% increase in diameter of head and 9% more harvestable heads.
  • Potatoes Average harvest weight increase of 15.6% with significant increases in higher quality / grade potatoes
  • Lettuce – Average of 11% increase in cartons per acre
  • Citrus Combined average of 9% increase in yield on trials with lemons and mandarin oranges.
  • Avocados 1st year of a two-year trial noted significant increased uptake in zinc as compared to grower standard with no difference in levels of zinc in soil in the tested areas.    


GroZyme studies have found that crops treated with GroZyme have seen significant increases in uptake of Zinc into the plant where there have been no differences of zinc levels in the soil.   


These results are very significant.  The foundation of a good grower fertility program coupled with the application of GroZyme can help achieve maximum potential gains from your crop production efforts.