An AG RX Pest Control Adviser (PCA) wearing protective gear in the process of treating a citrus grove

Welcome to another edition of the AG RX newsletter.  We are busy everywhere as I am sure you are as well.  Avocados all along the coast are being sprayed for thrip activity.  If all the fruit holds it looks like it will be a banner crop.  Citrus continues to be sprayed for ACP and the new schedule has been released for the fall and winter schedules.  Strawberry and celery season are coming to a close in Oxnard but Santa Maria is beginning to really roll and get busy.  No matter what obstacles are thrown our way, the spirit of the farmer keeps churning along.

We are getting some positive results on a couple of new products that we have brought in and tested.  Grozyme is one that can be applied foliar or through irrigation.  We notice improved zinc levels when using this product.  Cool Terra is another product we have been working with and have seen some nice increases in yield when applied with pre plant fertilizer on strawberries.  Ask your AG RX PCA about these products and there is also an article on Grozyme in this newsletter.  Another change we have made is we no longer carry Honcho Plus which is no longer manufactured and was replaced with a more expensive Honcho K6.  We now carry Gly Star Plus which has the equivalent label as Honcho Plus.  Ask your AG RX PCA if you have any questions on this product.

Looking at the internet today and I came across an article.  “7 of your favorite foods might be going extinct”, one of which was avocados.  Apparently it takes 72 gallons of water to make 2 medium sized avocados.  Here we go again.  Wasn’t it 1 gallon to make an almond?  The article goes on to say that since the majority of America’s avocados are from California and that we are trying to grow them in a drought, well it might be time to say goodbye to guacamole.  Never mind that Mexico has more than enough to keep everyone happy.  It also stated that was enough water for four average American showers. Well that 72 gallons also leads to something else.  Those avocados turn into income not just for the grower but his workers, companies like ours, produce companies, restaurants, grocers, truckers and on and on.  Which leads to a tax base, which leads to money for communities.  It also helps us pay the salaries of our politicians.  I like California avocados and almonds.  I hope folks in Sacramento like them too.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and as always thank you for your business.