Your Partners in Growth

Whether your growing takes place out in the fields, in an orchard, or under a greenhouse, you have to manage the development of your products and the expansion of your businesses in the most efficient way possible. In today’s agriculture, that means using technology, science, and traditional know-how to ensure great product, high yields, and profitability.

AG RX is a leading independent supplier of traditional and organic crop protection and nutrient products. Serving northern Los Angeles County, all of Ventura County, and southern San Luis Obispo County, AG RX combines state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained and motivated employees and more than 100 years of agricultural experience to provide first-class customer service to fulfill the unique and individual needs of our customers.

AG RX represents all major crop protection chemical manufacturers and a wide range of fertilizer lines. We also stock the best organic farming products to service organic-certified growers. AG RX offers liquid fertilizer, bagged and bulk dry fertilizer, micro nutrients, soil amendments, tools, and safety supplies. An employee-owned company, AG RX is committed to safe, environmentally sound, and community sensitive operations.