Job Opportunities 



At AG RX, we fully understand the vital role that dedicated and hardworking employees play in achieving our goals. To show our commitment we offer all our full-time employees a high-quality comprehensive employee benefits package.

Our benefits package a wide range of programs as well as a number of add-on options. Some benefits, including social security, workers’ compensation, state disability and unemployment insurance, meet the requirements of state and federal law.

The package is designed to offer security for all employees and their families, and it demonstrates our sincere commitment to their success and well being.

Benefits included in our package: medical, dental, vision, life insurance, AD&D, Aflac Voluntary Benefits, vacation pay, sick/kin care time, bereavement, holiday, 401(k) and ESOP (Employment Stock Ownership Plan).


AG RX employees are beneficial owners and a vital part of our continued success. When we work efficiently, we all win as an ESOP company.

AG RX employees have a stake in the profitability of the company through an Employee Stock Ownership Trust that owns a majority of the company. Employees are encouraged to learn and understand more about the company and the benefits it provides, and to participate in events/functions that advance an ownership culture.

Working Environment

AG RX is committed to providing a safe, environmentally sound and community-sensitive operation where all employees can grow and thrive in their work. AG RX earned the National Environmental Respect Award in 1996, and continues to provide up to date and professional leadership in safety.

As a full-service supplier, AG RX represents all major crop protection chemical manufactures, in addition to a variety of fertilizer vendors. The AG RX range of products includes crop protection chemicals, liquid fertilizer, dry fertilizer (both bagged and bulk), micro nutrients, tools, safety supplies and soil amendments.