Traditional and organic crop protection and nutrient products

AG RX represents all major crop protection chemical manufacturers. We stock products for use in organic production as well as offer a full line of commercial and custom blended dry and liquid fertilizers. AG RX also stocks micronutrients, soil amendments, tools, and safety supplies.

Commercial insecticides, herbicides, fungicidesWe offer all the crop protection tools necessary for growers to produce crops productively and help keep fields free of diseases, insects, and weeds. AG RX supplies a wide variety of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and many other crop protection products.

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ChrysanthemumWe offer fertilizer and pest control products for golf courses, lawns, landscapes, greenhouses and nurseries. We also stock full lines of homeowner product at our Customer Service locations.

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Commercial fertilizer AGRXWe carry all commercial blended fertilizers on the market along with custom formulated blends of fertilizer to suit your crop nutrition needs.

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Organic Fertilizer Products We also stock the best organic farming products to service organic-certified growers. Certified and tested, the products we offer give organic growers the very best in quality and environmental sustainability.

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AG RX also offers its own custom products, labeled under our name and logo to provide quality products.

Phyte-It P-Soil 0-60-5

We custom blend this fertilizer to help with plant development through soil application.

phyte it p soil from agrx

Phyte-It PK 0-29-26

This Foliar or soil applied nutrient is custom blended in our facility and a great addition you spray program

phyte it pd from agrx


We bag this fertilizer from bulk in our yard so that we can pass on savings and convenience to our customers.

agrx aluminum sulphate


We developed our 18-8-13 blend to provide a quality custom blended strawberry pre-plant fertilizer that is available in bulk and bagged form.