In Oxnard we offer a Customer service center where products can be picked up, including our full line of landscape products. We also have full service spraying to service row crops, citrus and avocados, fertilizer(dry and liquid) application, and our support staff to assist our customers in all their growing needs.

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In Somis we have a customer service center that specializes in stocking landscape products along with all of our other products needed for agriculture production available for pick up by our customers.

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Somis agrx location


In Goleta we have a customer service center where customers can pick up products including landscaping supplies and bagged fertilizer. This location also is equipped to deliver liquid fertilizer conveniently to your orchard, grove, or field.

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AGRX Goleta Building

Santa Maria

In Santa Maria we offer full bed up and listing services along with 4-row and side dressing services. We also fill product deliveries and deliver dry and liquid fertilizer to our customers from this location. We also contract out for full service spraying to provide a full service experience to our customers.

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Santa Maria agrx location


In Salinas our customer service center offers customer pickup or delivery of all agricultural, landscaping, turf and ornamental conventional and organic products conveniently to your ranch, office, or storage facility including a full line of conventional and organic liquid and dry fertilizers. We also offer full service spraying of strawberries, row crops, trees, and vineyards along with our licensed PCA’s and CCA’s who can make recommendations to keep your crops healthy and productive. Give us a call or stop by to meet our friendly staff.

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AGRX Salinas Building